Stichting Ontwikkelingshulp Lesotho MAealea (SOLMA) is the Foundation for Development Work Lesotho Malealea, based in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

SOLMA was initiated in 2007 as a fund raising organisation for the MDT in Holland (although according to our constitution we can also do projects in the whole of Lesotho). SOLMA raises funds for projects approved by the MDT. As required, SOLMA also provides the project management, and has done so in a number of cases. SOLMA (and its precursors, Gerard & Jacqueline Heijkoop) has completed the following projects:

  • Water for Ha Khorong (2006)
  • Water for Likhohloaneng (2008/9)
  • Class rooms for the Litsokeleng School (2009/10)
  • Funding for Scholarships Fund through the Eureko Achmea Foundation (The Netherlands) for about 60 orphans and/or vulnerable children for 2 years
SOLMA is recognized by the Dutch Tax Revenue Service as an ANBI, an organization working for general benefit. This means that donations to SOLMA fall under the Dutch tax regulations concerning deductibility from income (or company) tax. However, these regulations have been altered recently. One can only deduct the total gift from one’s income tax, if there is an official contract (through a notary) stating that one supports the organization with an annual gift for at least five years. SOLMA can arrange notary contracts, which will be paid out of the donation at the beginning of the five years.

Visit for pictures, videos and information on SOLMA projects and visits to Malealea and to make donations.

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