The environment is a critical area of consideration for the Malealea Development Trust since the environment is the context that sustains people and their livelihoods. There are five different kinds of environment related projects that the Trust supports:

  • Prevention and reclamation of soil erosion.
    Soil erosion poses a serious threat with deep gulleys scarring valleys throughout Lesotho. Eroded areas are stripped of their vegetative cover, cannot be cultivated, and also cannot provide much needed grazing for animals. Unless efforts are made to restore them, resources such as fuel wood, springs and rangelands will continue to be depleted, further contributing to famine and landlessness.
  • Reforestation.
    Since wood is the primary source of fuel in rural areas such as Malealea, there is a dire need to replant trees and vegetation. The MDT promotes the planting of fuel and indigenous trees throughout the valley.
  • Waste management and recycling.
    The MDT promotes the management of waste and recycling within Malealea. Some items, such as tin cans are used to build furniture and tin can fireplaces.
  • Water harvesting and protection of wetlands.
    Water is a scarce commodity in Malealea and the MDT supports a variety of efforts to harvest water and protect wetlands. The MDT has supported the construction of water reservoirs, the sanitation of springs and the installation of piped water into villages that did not have access to clean water.
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