There are six ways in which the Malealea Development Trust promotes health and well-being in the valley:

  • Support of the local clinic to provide better primary health care to the community.
    Such support includes providing basic medical equipment, first aid items, cleaning items and a generator used when people need treatment at night.
  • HIV/AIDS treatment, education and awareness projects.
    The HIV infection rate in Lesotho is extremely high (currently over 30%). For this reason there is a strong emphasis on promoting education about HIV and AIDS and encouraging people to test. If people do test positive, they are offered a nutritional supplement (Epap) as well as assistance (in the form of transport stipends) to access free treatment at clinics and hospitals.
  • Care of orphans and vulnerable children.
    We are currently supporting 22 orphans with a monthly food stipend as well as school fees, uniforms and books. We also provide basic counselling to the orphans and their families.
  • Food production.
    We encourage local people to start and maintain food gardens which can provide a source of fresh and healthy food for families. Assistance is provided in the form of subsidised seeds, materials and tools for establishing gardens, and development of water sources water to irrigate the gardens.
  • Sanitation.
    The MDT promotes the use of toilets as a means to better health and hygiene. Communities can apply to the MDT for pit latrines which are subsidised 100%. To date, the MDT has erected more than 25 latrines throughout the valley.
  • Animal well-being.
    Since the livelihoods of people and animals are so closely intertwined in this rural community, the MDT encourages and supports efforts to enhance the well-being of animals in Malealea. Organisations such as World Horse Welfare have done much to alleviate the suffering of horses through training local people in skills such as farriery and saddle making.
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